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In late 2019 Nature unveiled the first stage of a major redesign that has been several years in the making, working in collaboration with designer Mark Porter.


The overall design is influenced by the mid-century Swiss school of rational graphic design, with strong use of grids and typography, prioritizing information design and functionality over decoration, as is appropriate for an information-dense scientific journal. This can be seen in the new research article layout, with key information shown prominently and clearly. 


A custom typeface, Harding, has been created for Nature by Commercial Type for a new logo as well as text in print and on the web. Named after the late neurologist Anita Harding, it was designed specifically for science, with a vast set of special characters for equations, from astronomical symbols to African click language. Care was taken to design for maximum legibility in digital environments. 


Using Harding as a basis, we have updated our logo for the digital age. While it draws on our history it is engineered to be more clearly rendered on small digital screens.


Nature now has a new accent colour palette based on the Ostwald colour system, developed by nobel prize-winning chemist Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald (1853 – 1932). His work influenced major artists such as Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian. 


We have also updated our style for graphics, with more concise colour usage that improves display of data.

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